Quality Assurance and Industry Accreditation

Direct Projects is committed to providing exceptional work, by creating robust work processes and keeping up to date with our industry’s latest standards.

We have the latest ISO approvals ensuring the safety, quality and efficiency of our products, services, and systems.

Guiding Principles


Health and Safety

We are committed to the health and safety of our staff, our subcontractors, and all individuals who interact with a Direct Projects work site.



We are committed to making choices that protect our natural environment, offer choices of non toxic materials, reduction and reuse of resources and materials and waste minimisation during the design, construction and operation phases.


Customer Success

Our customers’ success is critical to our growth and we’re committed to succeeding together. We are committed to better understanding our customers’ needs and to provide a quality experience with Direct Projects.



We are committed to tracking and measuring Direct Projects results to determine what is working and what isn’t. Our employees think critically to continually adapt and improve their strategies by using feedback and data, sharing with co-workers and open communication amongst ourselves.

Master Builders Association

Direct Projects are members of The Master Builders Association of NSW (Master Builders), the leading building and construction industry association across the state.

Master Builders provides representation and services to members and the industry in key areas such as industrial relations, workplace health and safety, legal and contracts, training and government regulation/legislation.